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A 100% South African heliostat technology is being developed for the fast growing Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) industry. The unique design uses smaller, smarter and modular heliostats to overcome cost challenges. A pilot facility was built and integrated as the TIA Helio100 technology development project late in 2015.
We are planning to commercialize the results and outputs of the Helio100 project later in 2016 in the form of first projects around the world. Watch this space to stay informed about our progress. We are open to funding and project opportunities to take this clean technology to the next level.

Showcased Helio100 to the World

17 Oct 2015

The TIA Helio100 pilot facility was the official site tour for the international SolarPACES conference held in Cape Town. The technical tour was well received and widely complemented.

To view photos of the technical tour, visit: http://sterg.sun.ac.za/solarpaces2015_tour/

The TIA Helio100 technology development project

The Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (STERG) at Stellenbosch University has been developing a unique South African CSP technology. CSP is able to provide dispatchable, clean energy at utility scale, with the added benefit of high localisation potential and socio-economic beneficiation. In early 2014 the team won a grant from the Technology Innovation Agency to showcase the technology in a 100kW pilot facility. The technology takes a simple and fresh approach to overcome the challenges that are currently faced in heliostat fields. The heliostat technology boasts:
  • High localisation potential
  • Simplicity allows for infield assembly and job creation
  • Smaller heliostats leverage economies of scale reaching production volumes similar to the automotive industry
  • Low cost design reduces the upfront capital cost required, which is currently a major hurdle to market entry
  • Integrated heliostat support system reduces the need for earth works or foundations and has a low impact on the natural vegetation allowing for dual land use and natural dust suppression
  • An intelligent self-calibrating heliostat with a modular design ensures that the heliostat remains flexible and internationally relevant

The Team

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For all research related to CSP at Stellenbosch University, please visit concentrating.sun.ac.za.